EEFIT技術能有效地舒緩雙腳疲勞,並促進全身血液微循環力及新陳代謝力,有助改善睡眠質素。 再配上立體剪裁設計,能全面包裹臀部,有助提升臂部及大腿的緊實度,令身體輪廓變得玲瓏有致。

EEFit Technology can transmit energy through induction and have it stored effectively in the stockings. It carries specific vibration frequencies which can dilate capillaries, enhance microcirculation and revitalize cells for good physical health. It also helps to relieve fatigue and improve insomnia. With the 3D yarn construction design, the stockings can firm up your hips and elevate your thighs, enabling your figure to become more attractive.

  • 改善及促進腿部血液微循環力 Enhance blood circulation and metabolism
  • 舒緩經痛不適,有助調理子宮健康 Relieve menstrual pain
  • 立體剪裁設計,全面包托臀部,有助提升臀部的緊實度 3D yarn construction for firming up your hips
  • 蕾絲邊飾設計,散發優雅淑女氣息,帶出浪漫想像空間 Lace trims to give a romantic feel
  • 特殊彈性材質及顯瘦剪裁,穿脫方便,舒適自在,突顯迷人曲線 Full elastic waist, stretchy and slim fit
  • 觸感柔軟舒適 Extra soft and comfortable
  • 低摩擦結構,有助減少皮膚刺激感 Low-friction fibre to reduce irritation
  • 令雙腿保持乾爽 Breathable to keep your legs drier
  • 超輕薄 Extremely lightweight