EEFIT Sport Socks

採用EEFIT e飛分子效能專利技術,將能量持續穩定的導入皮下組織,通過細胞分子同頻共振效應,改善血液循環,促進新成代謝功能。當局部的血流量增加,把氧氣和營養物質帶給組織,同時有助排走因運動或勞損而產生的乳酸等代謝產物,從而迅速舒緩肌肉酸、脹、痛、疲勞等不適症狀,恢復健康活力狀態。Utilizing our patented EFFIT technology, energy can be transmitted and absorbed throughout the human body continuously. Through sharing the same resonance frequency of the human cells, blood circulation and metabolic function will be improved. Oxygen and nutrients can be transported to body tissues with great efficiency. Metabolites such as lactic acid, a by-product of vigorous exercises, will be discharged from the body effectively. This product can help to relieve symptoms such as muscle strain, swelling and fatigue, enabling you to achieve a lifestyle with renewed energy and vitality!


  • Promotes blood circulation 促進血液循環力
  • Accelerates metabolites discharge 迅速帶走代謝物
  • Soothes foot muscles fatigue 舒緩足部肌肉疲勞
  • Reduces foot swelling and soreness 減輕足部腫脹酸痛
  • Improves injury recovery time 提升足部受傷後復原力
  • Inhibits bacterial growth and odor 有助抑制細菌滋長及異味
  • Reduces cold feet symptoms 改善足部冰冷症狀







EEFIT e飛早前將「e飛運動襪」贊助了本地的精英運動員試著, 超過90%*的運動員都贊同健襪對改善足部冰冷症狀及舒緩足部疲勞有顯著功效。

Over 90%* interviewees agree that EEFIT socks helps to improve the problem of freezing hands and feet,  and also to relieve the fatigue of the feet*.


* 根據e技術功能襪香港用家調查報告於20192月之調查結果。調查對像為103名香港本地大學體育運動科學系大學生。

* According to the result of the EEFIT user behavior research report which was conducted in February 2019. Interviewees are the student athletes from a local university in Hong Kong.