What Exactly Are The Benefits of Water?
Besides drinking water when we are thirsty, water has another main function that is being the “transportation agent” of the metabolic system inside our body. Based on the data provided by the Nutrition Association of China, "water" constitutes 60% of the human body, where 40% is made into extracellular fluid, 15% into intracellular fluid and 5% into blood. These compositions are considered to be the three main water areas inside the body. As for the human blood alone, water makes up 85% of our blood.

When water enters the cells, it becomes part of the cellular fluids; when it enters the blood, it becomes part of the blood. We can therefore conclude that the quality of water that we drink can directly affect the health condition of our cells and the quality of our blood. Many diseases are diagnosed through taking a blood test. The well-being of our body can therefore be directly reflected through examining the health condition of our blood.
What type of water is considered high quality spring water?

What type of water is considered high quality spring water?

How Much Do You Know About Water?
Water – A Treasure Highly Valued Since Ancient Times

Ancient Greece
Ancient Greek sages considered water to be the essence of everything which also constituted the essential building blocks of the world. Without the energy inside these elements, all creatures could not absorb the required nutrients, and their growth and survival would not be possible. They further affirmed that if animals were deprived of moisture, there would be no essential elements like blood and fluids inside their bodies and they would become dry out.
Ancient Egypt
Following in the tradition of the ancient Egyptians, the priests would proclaim to the people that the great power of water was the basis of procreation and survival of all creatures. They would then pour water into the vessels, perform purification rituals and have them transported to holy places or temples. In the ceremony, the priests kneeled with raised arms when they prayed, giving thanks for God’s grace which was the discovery of water.
Chinese Traditions
In China, water has been considered the “King of a Hundred Medicines” for thousands of years. Li Shizhen, a famous physician from the Ming Dynasty, wrote about water in the first chapter of his “Compendium of Materia Medica”. He stated, "Water is the source of all things, the earth is its mother. The resource for drinking is water; the resource for food is the earth. Eating and drinking is the lifeline of humans.” He also emphasized, “The camp thirsts if the water dries up.” It means that without water, our bodies will dry up. In Chinese medicine theory, we learn from our ancestors that “Medicine has a localized effect whereas water exerts an overall effect over the entire body.”
Modern Nutrition Science
We learn from Modern Nutrition Science that most people nowadays do not drink enough water for their bodily needs, and most of us are at different levels of dehydration. Not only do we need to drink enough water to replenish our body, we also need to drink good quality water. Good quality water can perform an excellent "transportation" function in the body, and can reduce harm caused by excessive free radicals. Therefore, drinking good quality water is very important for our well-being and good health.
Future World
The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is currently using the Kepler Space Telescope to identify inhabitable planets which might be suitable for human living. So what must a planet have to be suitable for humans? The answer is water. According to NASA, there is one essential element that all living things require for survival, and that is the demand for liquid water.
The Benefits of drinking Aquaenergy
Based on the feedback collected from our customers for Aquaenergy, the effects and benefits of Aquaenergy are summarized as follows:

  • Compared with ordinary bottled water and tap water, Aquaenergy is much more refreshing.
  • It helps enhance the body's metabolism and promotes good health.
  • It can significantly improve the power of the digestive system.
  • It helps beautify the complexion and slim down the body.

  • When used for cooking, the flavour of food will be enhanced.
  • When used for making tea, the texture of tea will become much smoother.
  • It helps plants and flowers to grow.
  • Pets love drinking Aquaenergy.