How long does it take for me to feel the effects after drinking Aquaenergy?
Aquaenergy is a kind of natural artesian water which contains energy. In addition to helping alleviate symptoms of serious illnesses; it also works to solve sub-health issues of urban people. These problems include a decrease in physical strength, poor immunity and metabolism, and inferior sleep quality, etc. Normally, it only takes two or three days and you will feel the changes within your body, such as improvement in the function of digestive system and sleep quality, etc.
Would there be anybody who cannot detect any changes in their body after drinking Aquaenergy?
Most people are able to tell its effect after drinking Aquaenergy. Whether the degree of effect is significant or not is related to the health status of a person. For example, drinking a bottle of Aquaenergy when you start suffering from a cold, have sudden stomachaches, headaches or other symptoms, your body will be significantly improved and the feeling is relatively obvious. In general, people who consume Aquaenergy on a regular basis will find a noticeable improvement in their physical strength, quality of sleep, physique, facial feature and resistance to diseases.
How many bottles of Aquaenergy should I drink in one day? Is it enough to consume just one bottle a day?
There is no particular restriction on how many bottles of Aquaenergy people should drink each day. However, it is recommended that at least one bottle (500mL) should be consumed every day.
I usually drink a lot of water every day. Do I still need to drink Aquaenergy in addition?
Water functions as an important "means of transport" in the body. There is a great difference between quality water and ordinary water. It could be said in a way that your health condition is directly determined by the quality of water that your drink. Therefore, we recommend that apart from maintaining a good habit of drinking plenty of water every day, you also need to drink “good water”. How to know the water is “good” or not depends on how much knowledge you have about water. Then, you will be able to choose water of fine quality for yourself.
I am now taking other health supplements. Can I drink Aquaenergy together with the supplements at the same time?
Absolutely. Aquaenergy is a kind of natural artesian water. It does not contain any chemical additives, and is non-pharmaceutical. Therefore, it can be consumed together with other health supplements.
What is the difference between Aquaenergy and ordinary mineral water?
Produced by using an innovative and patented technology, Aquaenergy is a kind of artesian water which contains energy. Aquaenergy helps enhance the human micro-circulation which is closely related to the health of human tissues; whereas all other ordinary mineral water would not be able to offer the same benefits.
Is Aquaenergy the same as other energy drinks available in the market?
Absolutely not. Most energy drinks in the market are made of synthetic chemicals, such as sugar, vitamin B, caffeine and stimulants with plant components. Aquaenergy is the mineral water produced by using a patented physical technology. It is made of 100% pure natural energy mineral water without any chemical additives.
Will the energy vanish after the bottle is opened?
No, the energy contained will not dissipate in the air or become oxidized after the bottle is opened.
Will the energy of Aquaenergy be affected when the water temperature changes?
No, the energy is all the same whether the water temperature is at freezing point or boiling point.
Edema is hard to eliminate. Can Aquaenergy help to improve it?
一Yes, Aquaenergy can help improve edema to a large extent. Edema is formed when the detoxification capacity of our body decreases. The fundamental reason is due to long-term problems of poor blood circulation. Drinking Aquaenergy can enhance blood circulation and ensure smooth operation of the micro-circulatory system. Therefore, it can effectively improve the condition of edema.
Can Aquaenergy help me to lose weight?
As its activated trace elements can improve and enhance the metabolism and blood circulation, you will feel the beneficial effects after consuming it for 1-2 months.
Can infants drink Aquaenergy?
Of course. Aquaenergy can strengthen the immunity of infants, thus enhancing the resistance to diseases. Infants will be better protected from flu or diarrhea.
I am already 70 years old, and my mobility is declining. Can Aquaenergy help improve my condition?
Certainly. Aquaenergy can enhance your physical strength and enable better coordination and movement of your limbs. If you enjoy hiking, you will be amazed to find an obvious improvement in your physical endurance.
Can Aquaenergy improve sexual performance?
Aquaenergy can effectively improve the circulation system, including the circulation of micro-vessels in the lower part of the body. Therefore, drinking Aquaenergy will be able to improve the sensitivity to respond and the energy required for a fulfilling sex life.
Does Aquaenergy have beneficial effect on doing exercise?
The effects will be significantly stronger if you drink Aquaenergy before doing physical exercise. If you drink it frequently, oxygen will be sufficient within your body due to the enhanced blood circulation, and subsequently, the function of neurotransmitters will also be improved. Hence, you will feel more at ease and powerful, and the quality of body movement will also be enhanced when you are doing exercise, like playing ball games and running.
I have installed an electrolyzed water machine/water ionizer at home. Can I drink Aquaenergy together with electrolyzed water at the same time? What are the differences between the two types of water?
You can drink both Aquaenergy and electrolyzed water at the same time. Electrolyzed water is produced by changing the pH value of tap water through electrolysis. After being electrolyzed, the electrolyzed water changes to become either acidic or alkaline. These two different types of water have different practical applications:
Acidic water can be used for sterilization, cleaning utensils and cleaning electronic parts, etc.
Alkaline water is used for drinking, health care, cleaning food and immersion cleaning, etc.

Undeniably, after being treated by electrolysis, the quality and efficacy of electrolyzed water is better than that of the original water. There are, however, some principles you should observe when electrolyzed water is being consumed:

1. To achieve the desired beneficial effect, the quality of the source water itself has to be pure and unpolluted. It is because an electrolyzed water machine / water ionizer will only use an electrode to artificially generate chemical reactions, which alter certain characteristics of the original water. The end result would not exemplify the natural quality of the source water.

2. The electrolysis of water was originally developed as a water filtration system for medical use. It is not suitable for long-term consumption by people who are in generally healthy condition.

3. The electrolysis of water enables adjustment of the pH value of electrolyzed water so that tap water can become alkaline. However, we should be careful not to consume highly alkaline water for an extended period of time, especially for young children.

All kinds of mineral water, including Aquaenergy, contain organic components which are part of the complex and unique chemical system. In this natural system, all chemical reactions and oxidation-reduction reactions are maintained in a natural state of “ultimate equilibrium”. In other words, each kind of natural water has its own unique quality which cannot be man-made, such as the pH value of water which is a natural phenomenon caused by its geographical environment. It is the combined effects and manifestation of the chemical reactions and oxidation-reduction reactions of various kinds of chemical elements. Since the electrolyzed water is processed from tap water through the electrolysis system, the properties (or quality) of the electrolyzed water can hardly be compared to those of fine quality natural spring water.
Medical Information: Healing Crisis
A healing crisis is also known as a “cleansing reaction” or a “detox reaction”. Drinking Aquaenergy might bring about a healing crisis.

When undergoing a therapy, it is necessary for a person to eliminate toxins from the body, such as the chemical residues of medicine, artificial additives, meat hormones, antibiotics and environmental pollutants, so as to restore the health balance. If the rate of detox reaction is faster than the process of recovery and metabolism of the human body, the person will experience a healing crisis.

The general symptoms are:
1. Abnormal fatigue;
2. Numbing sensation or swelling in joints or limbs;
3. Inflammation of skin, and eruption of rashes;
4. Increased frequency of urination and defecation (Colour of urine becomes abnormal);
5. Cold or flu symptoms, etc.

In general, a healing crisis is a normal short term phenomenon which may occur when a person is making a full recovery. It is a necessary process in which the positive energy of the human body is being mobilized to perform the self-sustaining function, the so-called “the pain will get more painful; the swelling will get more swollen". For some people, the healing crisis will get better and disappear altogether after taking medication for 2 to 3 days. But for other people, the symptoms will occur several times until the organs inside the body are in complete balance. Experiencing a healing crisis is not a side effect. When symptoms disappear, the body will become more relaxed, energetic and refreshed. The person will be more resistant to diseases and the immune system will also be strengthened. Most illnesses which are likely to occur will be cured without taking medications. A healing crisis is indeed a phenomenon that both the doctors and patients would welcome.

When a healing crisis occurs, there is no need to worry about the symptoms that might emerge. Instead, you should insist on drinking water when you are thirsty, going to bed when you are sleepy, and not taking any medicine to try to alleviate the symptoms. Otherwise, you will suppress the self-sustaining function of your body, and the healing crisis will be interrupted.