The Story behind Aquaenergy (1)
Nature’s Secret Revealed
It was a special trip for Nick and his wife in New Zealand during the Easter holidays in 2011.
He had found a secret hidden in nature, and the key to reveal “the secret”.
During that vacation, they visited a volcano park where
they saw spring water flowing down the slope, collecting
in a shallow pool which was only about two feet deep.
The area of the pool was also small, about the size of two to
three double beds; it was not an eye-catching site at all.
However, a green metal plaque erected next to the pool caught
his attention. Introducing the spring water, the plaque explained,
“Early MAORI of the TE ARAWA tribes brought their battle
wounded warriors here to drink, in order to help heal them.”

Based on his knowledge of physics, he immediately understood
why this spring water was so pure, sweet, and gentle, and even had the ability to treat
wounds; it was because it was no ordinary spring, but spring water that had been infused
with energy. He thought, there must be a strong electromagnetic field underground where
the spring water flows through, converting the water to active water…

The story of this extraordinary water (with evidence from natural and historical facts)
gave me inspiration. On the journey back to the hotel, he kept thinking about the incident,
and the more he thought about it, the more excited he became. He said to his wife, “Using the
EEFIT® technology I should be able to produce a kind of water which is also rich in energy.
Then, I will be able to make a contribution to the wellbeing of mankind, as people from
all over the world will be able to enjoy the positive effects of this water.

The Story behind Aquaenergy (2)
Best Quality water
In the summer of 2016, Professor Nick Wang and his wife travelled to New Zealand again.
They visited the water plant that is entrusted to bottle Aquaenergy, as well as its water
source which lies within the nature protection zone.

This natural spring water of New Zealand identified to produce Aquaenergy originates from the Southern Alps in the South Island of New Zealand. This is also a nature protection zone area which the 'Arthur's Pass National Park' is located.

This rich water source comes from the glacier on top of the spectacular Alps, which melts and passes through mountains and hard rocks. It accumulates at the various layers of rocks underneath the plains surrounding the mountains.
This artesian water originated from melted glacier lies among the rocks 300 meters below the unpolluted plains. It took a long journey of 600 years for the water to reach the Tai Tapu area. The flowing rich water is surrounded by the Tai Tapu mountains, which has earned Tai Tapu its prestigious name which means 'Holy Water' in Maori for many years. The well which the artesian water is collected as well as the water plant facilities are built on the plains of Tai Tapu, 150 miles from the Southern Alps.
Given the natural environment of New Zealand, the natural spring water produced in this country is regarded as the best quality drinking water of the world.

All the pictures above were taken by Professor Nick Wang at the actual sites in New Zealand.