e飛神速舒痛貼 – 10片/盒 10pcs./pack


$88 / 盒 (10片)



採用EEFIT e飛分子效能專利技術,將能量持續穩定的導入皮下組織,通過細胞分子同頻共振效應,改善血液循環,促進新成代謝功能。當局部的血流量增加,把氧氣和營養物質帶給組織,有助排走因運動或勞損而產生的乳酸等代謝產物,從而迅速舒緩肌肉酸、脹、痛、疲勞等不適症狀,恢復健康活力狀態。Utilizing our patented EFFIT technology, energy can be transmitted and absorbed throughout the human body continuously. Through sharing the same resonance frequency of the human cells, blood circulation and metabolic function will be improved. Oxygen and nutrients can be transported to body tissues with great efficiency. Metabolites such as lactic acid, a by-product of vigorous exercises, will be discharged from the body effectively. This product can help to relieve symptoms such as muscle strain, swelling and fatigue, enabling you to achieve a lifestyle with renewed energy and vitality!

強效消腫散瘀Alleviates swelling and signs of bruising
舒緩各種痛症, 例如:頸梗膊痛、腰背痛、關節痛、肌肉酸痛等等Relieves pain and discomfort,eg. Alleviate neck and shoulders pain, joint pain, muscle stiffness and back pain due to rheumatoid arthritis
促進血液循環Promotes blood circulation
加強新陳代謝Enhances metabolism
無藥性 0% DRUG
防水輕薄透氣 (厚度僅0.2mm) Possibly the thinnest pain relief patch in the world (thickness: 0.2 mm)
親膚防敏,幼童適用 Hypo-allergenic, Suitable for kids(thickness: 0.2 mm),

本產品只供外用This product is for external use only
如有皮膚損傷請慎用 Cautious use is recommended for injured skin
如出現任何過敏症狀請立刻停止使用 Stop using if there is any sign of skin allergy
避免存放在兒童容易接觸的地方 Please keep it out of reach of children
避免存放在陽光直射及潮濕的地方 Avoid direct sunlight and high humidity.
用完後請輕撕下本產品,避免皮膚不適 After use, peel off the plaster gently to avoid causing any skin discomfort

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