Aquaenergy (Artesian water) 350mL – 24瓶/箱 24bottles/carton





Aquaenergy which comes from New Zealand begins its life as rainfall on the Southern Alps. It takes over 600 years to filter to optimum purity and to become enriched with valuable minerals on its way to the deep acquifer at Tai Tapu. The water source with minerals and required elements reached the national standard of New Zealand.

Deep natural spring water either naturally gushes out from deep underground or is manually extracted. These unpolluted underground springs are rich in calcium and magnesium ions, and a number of essential trace elements. The water has moderate hardness; a pH value in the range of 7-8.5, and is slightly alkaline.

Rich in minerals

Minerals are an important substance in natural spring water, every drop of water in Aquaenergy, is richly abundant with moderate amounts of natural minerals and trace elements that supplements your daily body needs.

Natural weak alkaline

Most people’s body has become more acidic due to increase in meat consumption in the modern human diet. Aquaenergy water has a natural weak alkaline, pH value of 7.7; frequent consumption can regulate the acid level to maintain a healthy pH balance in your body.

EEFIT patented technology

Our revolutionary patented EEFIT technology activates the water molecules and various mineral elements within the bottled water, this infused energy can effectively promote blood circulation, increase metabolism, while the active water provides a refreshing and smooth taste.

The 350 ml capacity bottle is convenient to carry, whether for work, shopping or exercise. “350” is your light and energy filled companion.