EEFIT – Chi Necklace – 1套/盒 1set/pack



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肩頸是人體最繁忙的十字路口,集結了淋巴、經絡及血管等重要通道。如肩頸腺體堵塞,會引至上不通、下不暢的健康問題,加上氣血不足,臉部就容易出現浮腫,繼而產生「不通則痛」的症狀。憑藉革命性的EEFIT依飛分子效能技術,全新製作的元氣頸鏈,發放出與人體相融的4-20微米振動頻率,使正能量迅間傳輸,有效地改善頸椎痛症及呼吸道暢順問題,減退臉部浮腫,並對增強微絲血管循環力和強化新陳代謝力等均有功效。This necklace is manufactured by our company using EEFIT—an advanced proprietary process and technology. EEFIT can induce energy into materials and products, granting them the ability to emit vibrational frequencies corresponding to 4-20 microns. Vibrational frequencies corresponding to 4-20 microns are able to resonate with our bodies because the frequencies are close to vibrational frequency in human cells. Such resonance effect promotes many benefits to the body. For example, light in 4-20 microns enhances blood and lymph circulation and helps the body achieve physiological balance to maintain health.

  • 促進微循環 Enhances microcirculation
  • 疏通淋巴,去水腫 Improves circulation of lymph odes and reduces edema
  • 舒緩肩,頸疲勞酸痛 Relieves pain in shoulder and neck
  • 有助改善睡眠 Improves sleep quality
  • 舒緩氣管敏感及咳嗽症狀 Relieves nasal allergy, allergic rhinitis, and cough symptoms
  • 保護聲帶 Protects vocal cords

黑瑪瑙鍍白金鑲嵌吊墜及925手造純銀項鍊 Embedded black agate with platinum coating pandent and hand crafted 925 sterling silver necklace (四款長度選擇: 16、18、20、22吋,Length options: 16, 18, 20, and 22 inches)